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Welcome to our site! 

Welcome to Employee Wellness Solutions Network. 

2014 was an exciting year for EWSNetwork as we celebrated our 11th year in operation and 6 of our clients made finalist for the Benefit Canada Awards and of the 6 finalist 2 WON their categories. WINNERS

Since our inception in 2003 in London Ontario Canada, Employee Wellness Solutions Network has grown to service companies in over 50 different cities and over 100 different sites. We have clients in 6 of Canada’s Provinces and 2 States in the USA.

We have the expertise to service clients ranging in size  from less than 10 employees to over 1000. For each client we maintain the highest quality of service and take pride in our ability to create individualized successful programming for each company. EWSNetwork clients come from a full spectrum of industries that include Financial Services, Automotive Manufacturing, Public Utility, Telecommunications, Office and Shipping, Insurance, Car Dealerships, Social Services, Warehouse, Law Firms, Banking, Education, Engineering, Construction and others.

Our servicing network of professionals is over 25 with many strategic alliances in different communities that support our various programs.  Our unique system of recruiting, training and supporting the wellness consultants assures quality across the board.

EWSNetwork is one of the leading Corporate Wellness providers in the industry. We pride ourselves on creating each program with three main components: Individual, Group and Awareness. These were the three components that we founded our business with in 2003 and have enhanced them as we have expanded through the last 11 years. Similarly, our main focus of working with employees through behaviour modification still remains the same. Our unique and proprietary programs and systems engage employees from all levels of healthy behavioural change. 

From the testimonials, feedback, and emails we receive every day, I am confident in the direction of my company and look forward to the successful years ahead!

Garth Jansen
President and Founder
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